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Whey protein concentrate from milk



Whey protein concentrate (whey protein concentrate powder – whey concentrate) is a white to light cream product with a mild taste that is obtained by drying and removing minerals and lactose from pasteurized whey and contains 80 It is the percentage of pure whey protein. Non-protein compounds are separated by physical separation methods such as precipitation, filtration or dialysis.

Also, suitable compounds with balanced pH are used to adjust the acidity of WPC. Whey protein concentrate has high value due to its properties such as high digestibility and solubility, viscosity, gel formation, emulsification, foaming ability, and many applications in various food industries such as the production of food and sports supplements. It has dairy industries, bakery industries, bakery and confectionery products, meat products, etc.

In many dairy factories, we see the wastage of whey, and this is despite the fact that the mentioned substance is very rich in fat, lactose, nitrogen substances and minerals and has various uses in the food industry, on the other hand Due to the richness of this material in terms of having organic compounds, it has a high BOD, which doubles the importance of the issue.


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